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Nightclub City Cheats // May 23, 2010 // Super Crazy Money Cheats (First Cheats Revealed by Me)

Hey readers, now I have some cheat that named: SUPER CRAZY MONEY! (Nightclub City)
This will require:
1.    Adobe Flash Player 10
2.    IE / Firefox / Safari
3.    Cheat Engine 5.5++

How to do it?

1.    Open Cheat Engine and your Nightclub City
2.    Enable Speed Hack and Set it to 0,0 then Apply
3.    Set your cheat engine like the down pic (ASROM disabled)

4.    Scan the money value (After Speedhack) (Example: Your money is $3,033, type 3033)
5.    Then if you got many results, Set the Speedhack to 1,0 then Apply

6.    If you got results same with your money (look at the up picture (Speedhack 1,0), Double click the results.
7.    Then, double click at the value, then CHANGE the value you want (example 99999999)
8.    Good Luck!

Proved by me!

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Selasa, Mei 11, 2010

[SPECIAL] Young Artists for Haiti // Downloads Available!!

Hello readers
Now we have a download of Young Artists for Haiti - Wavin' Flag
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Report if link is broken

See you!


Jumat, Mei 07, 2010

Night Club City Cheats // Invites all Celebrities [1st Cheats in Monster-Hack! NightClub City]


Good afternoon, this is the level up cheats for Night Club City face book application. I kinda like

this game which was recommended by me. The music especially as least the idea of

the game is still fresh better then farming or cooking. Once you have coins you can unlock and

invites all celebrities to your club to increase your popularity. When you popularity increase

there will be more customers flocking to your club.







Tools you need :

1) Firefox

2) Cheat Engine 5.6

3) Flashplayer 10.0


Step by Step tutorial :

Step 01 : Start Night Club City and get some cash first. Pause the game by using speed hack in

Cheat Engine. This have to be done inorder to get the recorded money earned.

Step 02 : Open Cheat engine, under process list select firefox , scan, 4 Bytes and ASRM.

Step 03 : Scan the total cash.

Step 04 : Wait till the money increase and next scan the updated value

Step 05 : Cheats Done.

Good Luck and Enjoy!


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