Jumat, Maret 05, 2010

Restaurant City Cheats // Piaip Restaurant City hack v1.23


Firstly, Click here to download Piaip RC hack 1.23

Credits : 本網頁由 piaip 製作。

Hi Readers, today Piaip's will be releasing you a new version of Piaip's Restaurant City hack

version 1.23

1) Auto Regeneration of Employee Stamina

2) Fast Cooking

3) Fast Serving

4) Fast Customer

5) Fast Eating

6) No Toliet

Make sure your staff earn their new sweets working at your restaurant! All employees now

work for up to 4 hours before needing a rest. For sure they'll earn you more money!

So give them their sweets, and here is yours!

Credits : Piaip

Tools you need :

1) PiaipRchack Version 1.23

2) Firefox or Internet Explorer

3) Adobe Flash Player 10.0 and 9.0


Step 01 : Open your Restaurant City application

Step 02 : Open Piaip's Restaurant City hack v1.23

Step 03 : Select either Iexplorer or Firefox and tick all the cheats and click patch.

Step 04 : The cheat is running for good!

Good luck!

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