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Country Story Tips and Tricks // Guide on How to get a farm dog

How to get a farm dog in Facebook game by Playfish

Hey farmers in Country story, now i will be teaching you how to get a Farm dog.

This is how a farm dog look like when it help you to guard your farm from crops stealers.

What does the farm dog do?

When you steal from somebody that has a dog, you will have a minus of 50 coins per steal.

You won't get any crops for this steal and the number of black hand will still reduce by 1.

The good thing about the dog is that it may reduce the amount of crops you lose from people

stealing it. Every time some body steals from you, or you steal from somebody else, and get

caught by the dog a -50 coins will be lost.


how to get the dog?

Things you need : 15 friends with 100% Friendships

How to get 100% friendships?

Simply send item which is over $1,000 coins to your friends for a +10 friendship points.

once you get all 15 friends with 100% friendships points you will get the dog as a reward.


Hope you guys benefit from this updates.

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